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Douglas A. Kiersey, Jr. Featured on Commercial Real Estate Pro Podcast

Douglas A. Kiersey, Jr., CEO and President of Dermody Properties, was recently a guest on J. Darrin Gross’s Commercial Real Estate Pro Podcast Network (CRE PN).

In this episode, Mr. Kiersey discusses the intersection between working from home and e-commerce. Specifically, how Dermody Properties fits in as the intermediary by providing the brick-and-mortar to support the distribution networks of its customers as well as the logistics behind it.

Here’s an excerpt:

As you think through the consumers being 70% of the economic activity in the U.S., and that everything we touch, or look at in our office, or our home, or wear came out of a warehouse at some point in time … when you talk about the trucking industry, the railroad industry, the warehousing industry, and all of the players that go along with the shipping business, it is a massive part of our economy.”

The full episode can be viewed below. The audio version and transcript can be found through CRE PN.