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Dermody Properties and United Construction Company Celebrate More Than 45 Years of Design-Build Partnership in Nevada

Dermody Properties and United Construction Company have worked diligently to become one of Nevada’s trusted leaders in delivering design-build solutions. The collaborative design and construction project-delivery system streamlines communication, reduces overall project costs and increases the speed of construction and project delivery.

Doubling down on this approach, Dermody Properties recently hired Jeremy Stilley, Senior Vice President of Development in the Nevada Region, because of his vast experience with the design-build process. Stilley will coordinate all design-build projects across the Silver State, providing due diligence, design, entitlement, budget and construction oversight.

“Design-build is an art form, and Dermody Properties and United Construction Company have spent more than 45 years working to improve and perfect it,” said Mr. Stilley. “Our design-build strategy addresses current market factors including speed to market, cost risk and early procurement, and helps circumnavigate today’s growing project challenges to meet demanding project and customer requirements.” 

A Shared History

Both companies share a history built on the foundation of outstanding customer service. Early in his career, Michael Dermody realized that the best way to grow the development business was to prioritize serving customers. Recognizing that the construction process was one of the biggest challenges with buildings, Mr. Dermody and Tony Taormina formed United Construction Company in 1978 to ensure that customers received the highest quality product and service. One year later, Dermody Properties and United Construction Company built their first speculative building—the beginning of a long legacy that would continue over 45 years.

“Dermody Properties and United Construction Company have built more than just logistics facilities—we’ve established a remarkable partnership,” said Michael Russell, Executive Vice President of United Construction Company. “Through joint effort, trust and shared values, we’ve helped shape the design-build landscape in Nevada.”

Today, both companies are independently managed and owned but share a rich history woven together with similar core values for how to best serve customers, hold meaningful communication with all stakeholders and earn and retain customers’ trust.

“Our long-standing relationship of having the owner, designer and construction team work together from the beginning produces superior outcomes,” said Michael Dermody, Executive Chairman at Dermody Properties. “This proven approach is especially valuable during challenging economic climates when supply chain issues exist and material lead times are extended.”

The two companies’ 45-year partnership will continue to meet Nevada’s growing demand for design-build. According to survey findings by the Design-Build Institute of America, design-build is anticipated to account for $1.9 trillion of construction spending in the assessed segments over the 2022-2026 forecast period, with manufacturing holding one of the largest shares of design-build spend through 2026.

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